TODAY the case was Distributed for Conference at the Supreme Court of the United States. What this means is the SCOTUS will review in conference.

UPDATE – NEW: The Supreme Court will issue opinions on Thursday Feb. 25. To clarify, we do not know if it will be more than one opinion. So, *one or more opinions.

The above update is latest information based on where the case sits as of now. People are watching for updates and outcomes of the case and Lin Wood has been as anxious as any of us for this case to be heard. Here is what he said earlier today:

Image result for lin woods

Lin Wood : Many are watching and waiting on the U.S. Supreme today. In its conference, the Court will decide whether the cases from GA, Michigan, and Pennsylvania will proceed.

If the Court says NO, we will know the majority of the Court is corrupt. The cases are based on established, black letter law. The elections in those states were illegal and unconstitutional. They changed the election rules without approval of the state legislatures.

If the Court decides the cases will proceed, we will not know for sure if a majority of the Court is corrupt until final decisions are issued which could take months. Remember the decision in Obamacare?

Maybe the Court will allow the cases to proceed and buy time before the corrupt justices are exposed.

If the majority in the Court is not corrupt, a ruling should be issued today in Pennsylvania case. GA and Michigan should have cert granted with a reversal and remand to follow law in Pennsylvania case.

We are going to learn a great deal about the majority of our Supreme Court justices today whatever the rulings may be.

Keep praying that justice is done today.

God bless you. – Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


Hold the line and get involved! Stand up where you can doing whatever it is God leads you to do in peace with law and order! Prayer and truth are our most powerful weapons.



  1. Leon Hays says:

    The Court should have ruled today as Lin Wood suggested. Now the Court wants to wait a week a sign that does not bode well for us. If they refuse the cases or want a delay for months, then the military will step in and defend The Constitution!


    1. Nancy says:

      Do you really believe the Military will step in? And do what exactly? I am the eternal optimist but there are times I am really worried. Just like Obama Care, Justice Roberts did exact what the Democrats wanted him to do! When is all this illegal, evil doing of the Democrats and the Rhino’s are doing? When & how are the truly evil Socialist, Communist destroyers going to be stopped & punished ???


  2. Dennis Bender says:

    Dianne: Lets pretend that there is no virus. Then what does this all mean? Universities are saying there is no virus. Professor’s of medicine with qualifications as long as my two legs are saying “No Virus”.

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    1. There is no virus. The body produces a virus as a natural process when it fights off a bacteria or other invading toxin. The virus has to run its course. That is why they can’t give you an antibiotic for a viral infection. You have been conned. Therapies are the only thing to intervene. Something that will help boost your immune system. Not take stop it and take it over. I have no idea what they have put in the vaccines…but … it isn’t to help anybody, in my opinion. They are trying their best to make people take it out of fear. And have initiated the entire hoax world wide as part of their plan called “Lock Step”. This was planned decades ago. They chose now to implement it. Here is the PDF…they took the you tube down…a long time ago. But this was never hidden.

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      1. Dianne: There is no fucking virus that goes from one person to another. And if you knew anything of what I was writing about, it would be you and not me that would state that it has never been isolated and verified by 1000 electron microscope photos. If you had any critical thinking skills, you would have realized that what I am writing is this sars cov 2 virus does not go from person or even exists.


      2. Patty says:

        Thank you, Dianne, for opening the discussion. What are the ingredients in vaccines?

        Vaccine specialist details which vaccines are really abortion-tainted | News | LifeSite (

        February 19, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — One of the many speakers at LifeSite’s recent virtual conference, Unmasking COVID-19: Vaccines, Mandates, and Global Health, said that some ingredients in vaccines can be toxic, deadly, and hazardous. . . .

        Dr. Brand began by saying that although the two COVID vaccines, the Pfizer and Moderna shots, do not contain aborted fetal cells in the end-product, they are used “in the development and research.” At the same time, the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca shots do include the DNA of aborted children.

        Brand went on to list every single vaccine which includes fetal cell lines. Here are just some: MMR (mumps, measles, rubella), ProQuad (MMR plus chickenpox), Twinrix (combines vaccines for Hepatitis A and B), all the chicken pox vaccines, one of the rabies vaccines, and many more.

        Brand also mentioned other ingredients that are in many shots. For example, in vaccines given to young children or even infants, “you’ve got aluminum at higher levels than what the FDA approves for that child at that age.” Many also contain thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative, in amounts which even the EPA does not allow to be placed in water supplies. She says that some pharmaceutical companies also have animal DNA in their vaccines.

        Brand concluded that “it is vitally important” for everyone do their own research into abortion-tainted vaccines through organizations such as Children of God for Life. Read all:

        LifeSiteNews has produced an extensive COVID-19 vaccines resources page.  View it here.

        May God bless, protect and heal us all including the unborn and those who cannot defend themselves.

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  3. Carol says:

    I agree nothing will be done. Just get rid of these hoodlums, they know they’re wrong and we know that we are right! This can’t go on or we will never be able to sustain this country and never have elections!

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      1. Tammy says:

        No, sorry. I wasn’t clear in my abbreviation. In regards to Lin Wood, The SCOTUS should have ruled instead of putting it off for conference. His case was based on Constitutional law not being followed.

        I seen the SC ruling and agree it was a big win. Hopefully other states will follow their lead.

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  4. michelegiosa says:

    Buongiorno dall’Italia. In qualsiasi organizzazione, sia societaria,statale o altro ci dovrebbe essere predisposto un organismo a cui fare riferimento come in questo caso che nessuno vuole prendere in considerazione la frode elettorale. Ciao.

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  5. hocuspocus13 says:


    Wisconsin just admitted their voter rolls are off

    They purged 177,000 people who should not have been on them

    Biden won that State by a lesser amount


  6. Henry Acres says:

    This was posted yesterday, in my local rag…note….I am a REPUBLICAN, so you can imagine my thoughts…I am for bringing things to the table and coming together in a vote of agreement, not right arm, left arm, my body doesn’t lean on it’s side, I would fall over, I have to walk in a neutral balance. Anyway, enjoy..!


    I am a Democrat. Certainly I am happy with the results of this past election. The Republican president lost and the Democrat won. Both houses of Congress are under Democratic control.

    I feel victorious, but I realize I need to extend a helping hand in the form of an intervention to my Republican counterparts. I know I could just let you destroy yourselves by following your current path. Instead, I want to talk some sense into you. I hope you will listen.

    Many lies have been told about the November election. Rather patiently, we waited while lawsuits were filed and lost and while ballots were counted, recounted and recounted again. We didn’t mind waiting because we knew the truth would come out and doubts would be erased. After all of that it turned out that no matter what simple truths were confirmed, the lies persisted.

    The worst part was that Republican members of Congress kept repeating the lies and fueling the doubt and mistrust. I feel badly for the people who believed the lies and counted on their congressional leaders to help them understand the truth. Instead we witnessed people in Congress, who know better, fuel the fire.

    A leader has a responsibility to care for his supporters. I know your supporters are unhappy and disappointed. I know how that feels. I’ve been disappointed over the results of plenty of elections. Eventually we must face the facts. You lost.

    Republicans, you need to help your constituents see the truth. Help ease their pain. Help the realize President Trump lost legitimately and President Biden won legitimately. President Biden is president for Republicans, Democrats and independents, and wants to help all of us and make our lives better.

    Here is a word of caution to my Republican friends: If you don’t help your voters understand the truth, their anger will destroy us all. Did you see the mob attack on the Capitol Jan. 6? I don’t think I will ever forget it. Certainly you remember it. You were there.

    Eventually your voters will figure it out. When they realize you did mislead them, you think they will continue to support you? This means fewer Republicans. Does that sound like trouble to you?

    That is all the help I am willing to give. Join us and President Biden and Vice President Harris to heal the country, come together and accept the truth.


    1. Ann says:

      Just let us have our day in court.
      That is all we ask.
      The Democrats like you are afraid of the out come.
      You have put so many people out of work, the unemployment has skyrocketed, the vaccine is not getting distributed out like you said, no pay off for student loans, stimulus checks on the first day, have not received mine and you say you had to start from the beginning to create a vaccine. Which isn’t true.
      The wind turbines has just proved they don’t work, call someone in Texas and ask them.
      I hope you loose your job ( if you work) and as you say , find another one during the pandemic.
      I refer to ( you) as a Democrat.


      1. Henry Acres says:

        @Ann…Hopefully, you read the above posting in it’s entirety. I found that in a local newspaper. Those are NOT my words, but someone else. I am in the battle for the truth, not lies.


    2. Annaliece says:

      You must be independently wealthy or something, don’t need to work, have plenty of money in the bank. You have no idea what the truth is or what that word even means. Killing the pipeline, banning fracking, taking protections off the power grid, 22 million illegal aliens given citizenship and taking jobs away from Americans and you say Biden is the president for all and will make everyone’s life better? Huh…what country did you say you lived in?

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    3. Jennifer Attix says:

      We Patriots are certainly not mislead. You, however have been greatly blinded by propaganda. Biden is doing absolutely NOTHING to unify our Country. He is trying to tear it down more so he & his elite friends can profit more financially off of us hard working, tax paying citizens, and turn us in to a Communist nation. I find it hard to believe that under a Communist regime, you think having food rationed, money rationed & being told what you can or cannot do is something that you would enjoy, if he stays in office. God has all of this under control. The fake, crime committing administrator will be removed from office very soon & our great President Trump Will then again resume making America great again, ultimately with God’s help. I hope that you will look around & allow yourself to be awakened.


    4. Caroline Olson says:

      Democrats are the LIARS about who won the 2020 election because brilliant lawyer Ms. Sidney Powell published a 270-page dossier weeks ago that clearly DOCUMENTS evidence of MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD by Dominion vote counting machines sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party and Iran and other bad actors, including the CIA in Rome. Dominion threatened to sue Sidney Powell for $1.3 BILLION to try to intimidate her but her great lawyer, L. Lin Wood, told Dominion to “go ahead and file your suit because Sidney Powell will NOT retract her statement.” This means that Dominion either backs down OR they file the lawsuit and have to provide proof that they did NOT cheat, which they cannot do! A whistleblower, an I.T. Tech in Rome, admitted in Italian Federal Court in early January that during the early hours of November 4, 2020, he was instructed to upload instructions through the Vatican-controlled Leonardo satellite to Frankfurt, Germany and on to Spain and then to the U.S. to switch votes from Trump to Biden. The Courts in the U.S. have some corrupt judges, and some who have been blackmailed, who refused to see the evidence Trump and his lawyers tried to provide. But Lin Wood and Sidney Powell and another have lawsuits before the Supreme Court this coming week re: massive election fraud. Democrats continue to sputter about THE BIG LIE and blame Republicans for lying but the Democrats are corrupt to the core. Stay tuned….it’s gonna get real ugly for a lot of people in high places. I believe GOD will expose the corruption and fraud and hopefully Donald Trump will return as our president because he won the most LEGAL votes!


      1. Henry Acres says:

        ShhhESH!! I hope you folks read the above post completely that I “COPIED” from MY local NEWSPAPER…and WAS NOT written by me. To throw all this flaming my way, man, alive, no wonder we’re getting bashed to no end. Read the whole thing, before you blame the messenger.

        I have been a Republican since I first registered to vote, probably longer than a lot of you have been alive. I voted for Donald J. Trump…!! I wouldn’t put Joe Biden in charge of cleaning the latrine..!

        I just got barked at today at Walmart for not having a diaper on…I told the jerk BOO!

        So, please, read the terrain before light your fire…!

        – Henry Acres

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    5. So another lying pos communist editor huh Henry. He,she or it is probably assuming it’s a resume` for a spot on one of the MSM TV programs.
      I hope the powers that be behind the globalist news are dealt with accordingly one day and surely they will be when they meet THE LORD.


  7. Sharon Hayes says:

    The Marshall Report posted: ” TODAY the case was Distributed for Conference at the Supreme Court of the United States. What this means is the SCOTUS will review in conference. UPDATE – NEW: The Supreme Court will issue opinions on Thursday Feb. 25. To clarify, we do not know if i”


  8. Kathryn Normand says:

    I believe, if you were to replace “Republican” with “Democrat” in the above statement, it would be much more truthful, altho both sides should be ashamed of themselves…Pay attention to the atrocities done to President Trump over the last 4 years, and pay attention to what is being done to anyone who wants AMERICA FIRST in this last year, particularly in the last few months….LISTEN to what the AMERICAN people want: their freedoms guaranteed by our brilliant Constitution. The government is SUPPOSED to work for WE THE PEOPLE.


  9. If the courts do not here the cases, we know they are corrupt. If they do agree to hear the cases, but kick the can a few months down the road, we know they are corrupt. If the court hears the cases and the results do not favor the GOP, we know the court is corrupt. (Too much evidence) If the court does not side in favor of the GOP within a couple weeks, military needs to step up (Myanmar). If the military does not step up, I believe the people may do that on their own and it won’t be pretty.


  10. Judy Jennings says:

    Thanks be to God for the work The Marshall report is doing in Gods name. I left everyone involved up day and night. Praise be Gods judgement.

    Get Outlook for Android



  11. Bill James says:

    Even if there were a virus, maintaining your bodies and blood’s PH at 7.2 or above, you will never catch a virus or flu with many other health bennifits too many to mention. But they want you feeling sick and unhealthy, that is why they foster it making you dependent on all sorts of unhealthy foods and life styles. You have the freewill to break free from the restraints you accepted from the pieces OS.

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    1. Henry Acres says:

      I think was you might want to read MY lead into the post TO the EDITOR, of MY local RAG, that I was making reference too. It was NOT mine..! It was posted and I put it here, thinking you folks would see how the other side is actually thinking, as if we don’t already know. I am NOT the EDITOR!!

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      1. I find it sadly hilarious that so many people keep thinking the article you posted was your own writing. You’ve got to wonder is it their lack of reading comprehension, or are they just so irate over what they just read that they feel they must immediately respond the perceived attack. People on both sides of this are so enraged that nobody seems to be able to think straight. Thank you for posting. I agree with you that it is a good idea to understand what the other side is thinking.


  12. Henry Acres says:

    BTW, a good old male Karen made his rounds about the local Walmart…said I was an idiot and wished me a horrible death with Covid. I have not adorned a mask since last April!!

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    1. Caroline Olson says:

      Henry – I know how you feel about the masks. I have refused to wear a mask at all for the past 12 months in Arizona because I can’t breathe through one and tell them “I have a medical exemption” which the CDC Guidelines allows, so you can tell those knucklehead “Mask Police” at Walmart or elsewhere, the same reason why you don’t mask up. After all, God intends us to breathe fresh air and He is the Great Physician. It is illegal for the Mask Police or anyone to quiz you what your medical exemption is for! Those goons feel virtuous for wearing one. As long as one stays six feet from others, that is also in compliance with the CDC guidelines. So, hope this helps. I refuse to give up my liberties or be a sheeple when I know this is all about a political power grab using the virus as an excuse to dictate our daily lives. I’m not going to be dictated to! Stay strong. I always enjoy your comments.


      1. Henry Acres says:

        Thank you, and I will keep on keepin’ on every friggin’ day. If I wake-up, I know I have another chore to do. Afterall, I am just a weed waiting for the farmer.

        Diaper’s belong on one’s arse, and i use my common sense, my immune system, and my poor old tired brain to see me through each day of this soap opera gone Bozo!!

        I learned from growing up in the military, that we all have a right to know. As a civilian, those rights are limited. We will all just have to wait and see what the SCOTUS thinks of America, and not just their mindset, beit so thin-lined as it seems. This is as Dianne has pointed out a war, and there are curtains that WE the people will never see behind. The truth weather good, bad or ugly, will be told. Blood is thicker than water, so they can’t just wash it away.



  13. I love and respect Mr. Wood but what happened to the military being in control?
    There’s no way they would allow this damage to be done and they could chop off the head of the snake today if they wanted.


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