Innate immunity is the cornerstone of herd immunity against acute v…

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Note: We (Jack and I) are sharing this content out of curiosity. When it comes to virology, we do not have the same expertise we do as when dealing with economics, data science, and data framing issues. As such, we are sharing this because we found the commentary interesting and are curious to see how it pans out as more information comes through on Coronavirus variants.

Geert Vanden Bossche DVM, Ph.D., has a long career of working and lecturing in virology and vaccine development. It's so long, it cannot be summed succinctly. We recommend checking out his Website:

and LinkedIn:

to learn more about his career, research, and inventions.

He delivered a lecture on April 18, 2021, explaining why he thinks that the Coronavirus mRNA gene therapy "vaccines" may lead to a phenomenon of "escape variants" where the vaccines help facilitate creation of new super-viruses out of response to a vaccine-induced immunity.