The lie of "Flatten the Curve."

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In the beginning of the state-planned panic, news agencies promoted the idea of "flattening the curve" in order to free up hospital beds for those who would come in sick with Coronavirus.

In this vein, people were told to stay home for 2 weeks and hospitals were told to deny elective procedures.

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Preserving Elective Surgeries in the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Future

Of course, as with all state central planning, the reality of what was being done to people was a far cry from what those in power were saying would happen.

The first distortion was the idea that hospital beds would be overwhelmed. This distortion came from a "fixed-pie" mindset that increasing capacity, that is, putting out more make-shift beds and allowing for temporary facilities, was not possible in the private sector.

This fixed-pie mindset was fostered by a state regulation called "certificate of need." Certificate of need is a policy in many states where new hospitals cannot be built unless existing hospital boards approve of it. Sounds sketchy, right? Why would the competition be allowed to decide WHO gets to build more medical facilities? Well, that historical cronyism came under the banner of corporate hospital lobbyists saying that hospitals would go under if too many competitors were allowed. Of course, this nonsense only serves to enrich existing corporate hospital chains and keep prices up from a lack of cutting-edge competitors.