How state Coronavirus lockdowns led to massive increases in prevent…

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While those in the government and media were busy fear-mongering about Coronavirus deaths, they conveniently left out the economics of the unseen for those who would suffer and die because of the lockdowns and shutdowns.

In fact, when reporting excess deaths, which is a metric that the CDC uses to say there are deaths above what they expect (as if they should be relied on to predict what anything should be at this rate), they conveniently framed excess deaths in a manner to hide that there were MANY deaths that werent even Covid-labelled.


So why was it that Coronavirus was such a focus when 1/3rd of deaths by even the governments OWN labelling system comprised of a shockingly-high number of deaths above what they thought should be for 2020?

The reason is that government policy caused untold numbers of people to die in ways that few would readily understand without big-picture thinking.