How the CDC deceived the world on Coronavirus death counts.

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When Coronavirus first arrived in widespread media coverage around March 2020, the means to determining whether someone had the virus was iffy. The virus being so NOVEL, and the origination being in a country whose rulers have not been all that great with honesty and transparency, made determining how the virus would be detected a bit difficult.

And while there is a whole discourse to be had about how the original Sars-2 virus was modeled for genetic location, the focus of this article is to explain how the reporting and testing methods grossly skewed the picture.

The first major distortion came when the CDC stated in their Vital Statistics Reporting Guidance No. 3 April 2020 that doctors could use a label of probable or presumed in associating Coronavirus with a death. Which meant that doctors could essentially assume that Coronavirus was the chief cause of death if they so perceived.

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