House Managers CAUGHT Manipulating Evidence Presented at Trial (video) (video)

Today on Sekulow, we discussed this week in the Senate impeachment trial. Today, President Trumps attorneys began their presentations. Were on day four of the Senate impeachment trial, but it is day one of President Trumps legal teams opportunity to put forward their case. Were hearing that the Trump teams presentations may be four hours or less. That could shorten the timeline of this trial significantly.Yesterday however, during his presentation, Congressman Eric Swalwell one of the House Impeachment Managers spoke about a tweet from a woman named Jennifer Lynn Lawrence. Congressman Swalwell said during his presentation:

On Jan. 3, another supporter tweets, Weve been marching all over the country for you Mr. President. Now we will bring it to DC. On Jan. 6, we will proudly stand beside you. Thank you for fighting for us.

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