Political Cartoon Mocks Hurricane Harvey Survivors as Racist Christian White Males (REACTION) (video)

Effects of Hurricane Harvey will be felt for a very long time to come. Much of the Gulf Coast of Texas has been impacted in a way by the storm that is quite difficult to ascertain at this point. The torrential downpours that have left record-shattering amounts of rain is the most obvious thing to see? but it is not the only thing to see. In addition to the physical conditions of the disaster area being in disarray, there is also the human element to take into account. Reportedly, there have been people masquerading as rescue squads that victimize people once they gain access to them and/or their homes and possessions. Lots of money scams are floating around as well. The rule of law is not strong due to many places not being accessible.

To add insult to injury, some of the mainstream media want to turn this tragedy into an opportunity to bash some of the victims. Namely - straight white Christian conservative males. Politico ran a cartoon produced by Matt Wuerker featuring a man in a cowboy hat and Confederate flag shirt praising God while being rescued by a helicopter from the flood water. On the right hand side of the cartoon, a rescue worker says that it was not God, it was the Government. The rescue worker was standing on top of something that had a Texas State Flag on it with the words ?secede? which is in reference to the secession movement in Texas.

This same energy was most likely the driving force behind all of the Joel Osteen backlash. Victimization of victims by the leftist media just shows how low they will go to push their own personal narrative above being non-partisan and sensitive to their own fellow man during a tough time.

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