Dont Mess With Texas: Shotgun-Wielding Man Protects Store From Looters

Don't mess with Texas. A viral video shows a shotgun-wielding man guarding a Houston grocery store from alleged looters amid the Hurricane Harvey flooding.

In the video, which was posted to YouTube on August 29 by user TexasProud, the self-proclaimed "ex-SWAT deputy" warns people who appear to be ransacking the Little York Food Mart.

Hey, dont go back in that store! Im telling you one time. Im not scared to shoot you," he says. Im an ex-f***ing SWAT deputy! I will cut your a** in half."

The alleged looters appear to run away after the warning.

Its a shame. We need more real men out here to step up and protect where you live, the armed man tells the woman behind the camera. "This storm is temporary."

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