Antifa is not a political movement; its a delusional, violent outburst

The progressive left and their media comrades have been trying hard in recent weeks to construct a sympathetic narrative for "antifa."

This is no easy task. These self-proclaimed "anti-fascists" (hence the name) have been showing up at rallies across the country since Trump's inauguration, assaulting police with urine bombs, beating journalists bloody, and setting the occasional car on fire. All this is somehow supposed to protest fascism. Or Inequality. Or capitalism. It really depends on the day.

The good news is, to know antifa is to despise it.

Last weekend at Berkeley, America saw that at a supposed "Rally against Hate," 13 of antifa's ranks were arrested for viciously attacking law-abiding protesters who happen to support the Trump administration. After a series of gang-style ambushes on the streets, some of which were caught on chilling video, the list of alleged charges against antifa included assault with a deadly weapon and felony assault.

Unlike in Charlottesville a few weeks ago, there was no Nazi rally to speak of in Berkeley, just some run-of-the-mill Trump supporters gathered to exercise their First Amendment rights. This was too much.

Antifa showed itself to be a pack of childish vandals posing as heroic resistance. For a mob of predominantly white males to gather in paramilitary formation, dressed from head to toe in black, with masks and batons to protest "fascism" shows that this group has no sense of history.

That some of its storm troopers use shields with "no hate" emblazoned on them as battering rams shows that they have no sense of irony either. There's only so much that favorable media coverage can do to downplay or obscure the truth about antifa, and it's anti-free speech zealotry. The Berkeley violence broke through that barrier.

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