HLN Panel Tears Into Borderline Terrorist Group Antifa for Violence

Over the weekend, the radical leftist group known as Antifa descended on a right-wing rally in Berkeley, California to violently shut down the free speech rights of any who didn?t agree with their twisted worldview. And after turning a blind eye to their tactics, or in some cases promoting it, the liberal media appeared to have finally caught on to Antifa?s extremism. On HLN?s S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, a show that has denounced Antifa previously, the panel was glad that their colleagues seemed to have finally joined them.

?I wanted to talk about the Antifa violence out at Berkeley, which I think is finally, finally being covered in the mainstream media now,? exclaimed Dave Smith, host of the ?Part of the Problem? podcast. ?If you had been relying on the mainstream media for the last six months you?d have no idea. But if you watched the internet, that news, you do find out about this stuff.?

Smith described Antifa as a ?borderline terrorist group? which violently pushed communism wherever they went, with no accountability being placed on the left to denounce them. ?They come out with hammer and sickle flags all the time, and while everyone on the left is demanding that the right-wing, you know, repudiate Nazism, as if that's actually in fashion,? he argued.

The podcaster chastised the left-wing professors who supported Antifa?s attacks. ?They're anti-free speech and the nerve of them to call themselves ?anti-fascists? as they violently shut down free speech,? he added.


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Cupp went to Krystal Ball, the panel?s liberal and who?s an MSNBC regular, to see how and if the left would denounce the Antifa movement. Ball gave the standard canned line of ?no violence is expectable,? but she down played Antifa as just a group standing up to Nazis. ?Let me just say in the wake of Charlottesville there is no equivalency between being a Nazi and marching through the streets and opposing Nazis,? she asserted.

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