Excited CBS: Will Hurricane Derail Trump on Taxes, Building a Wall?

CBS This Morning journalists on Tuesday devoted two segments to hammering Donald Trump on Hurricane Harvey, wondering if the storm will derail his fall plans on taxes, building a wall and for any thoughts he had on ending the DACA "dreamer" program. Additionally, the hosts again hit the President for visiting Texas too soon. 

Guest co-host Margaret Brennan politicized the hurricane and suggested it might destroy Trump?s agenda: ?Do you think because of this long laundry list, this in some ways ties the hands of the President in the next few days? I mean, he was supposed to be rolling out tax reform. There was also this expectation he was going to unveil his policy on how to deal with dreamers, those people who came here as children illegally.? 



Washington Post journalist Ed O?Keefe replied, dismissing the ability to get both taxes and disaster relief done: ?Tax reform, look, they have been talking about it for years. They still don't have a plan. What's a few more weeks of them planning to do something later in the fall or next year?? 

O?Keefe offered a warning to Trump and the Republicans that the country won?t ?tolerate? any talk of a government shutdown: 

I think what will be most interesting, Margaret, is whether he continues to insist on money for the border wall that he wants and whether that still threatens a  potential shutdown at the end of September. I don't know that Americans will be tolerable, tolerate that, frankly, if so much of Texas, Louisiana and other areas of the country need this relief from Harvey. 

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