REPORT: Many Of The EPAs Functions Could Be Abolished

Many Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) programs are redundant and could be eliminated without hurting environmental quality, according to a new report on reforming the federal bureaucracy.

The EPA needs to be made more transparent and efficient, a goal that can be achieved while continuing to protect the nations environment, reads the report published by the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) on Wednesday.

CEI gave a series of recommendations on how to make EPA more transparent and accountable, including eliminating regional offices and changing science programs.

Many of the EPAs regional offices and grant programs are redundant and should be abolished, reads the short report written by Myron Ebell, who headed President Donald Trumps EPA transition team.

Other reform priorities include improving data quality standards for new research and transferring emergency response duties to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Ebell wrote.

The group says EPAs budget is the most impenetrable of all federal department and agency budgets, which makes it hard for Congress to know how taxpayer dollars are being spent. CEI wants EPA to do what other agencies do and put forward a budget that clearly identifies the spender, how much they spend, and the legal basis for the spending.

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