CPS Claims Seattle Mayor Sexually Abused His Foster Son 30 Years Ago

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused his 13-year-old foster son in the early 1980s, according to recently released Oregon Child Protective Services (CPS) records.

The records, obtained by the Seattle Times, indicate that an Oregon CPS investigator found the sexual abuse allegations against Murray to be credible.

In the professional judgement of this caseworker who has interviewed numerous children of all ages and of all levels of emotional disturbance regarding sexual abuse, Jeff Simpson has been sexually abused by Edward Murray, CPS caseworker Judy Butler wrote in the May 1984 assessment.

Murray, elected Seattle Mayor in 2013, has previously denied the abuse allegations and argued they were debunked by investigators at the time. The recently revealed records, previously thought to have been destroyed, contradict Murrays claims that he had been exonerated by investigators.

Murray, then a paralegal in the Portland public defenders office, reportedly abused Simpson over three years beginning in 1980, occasionally providing him with small amounts of money and drugs in exchange for sex acts. Simpson, who was abandoned as an infant, lived with Murray for roughly 18 months after meeting him at the Parry Center for Children in Portland, Ore., where Murray worked as his counselor.

Simpson, now 49, first came forward with the abuse allegations in 1984. He testified to the abuse before a grand jury, but the Multnomah County Prosecutors office withdrew the case only a month later after having difficulty with Simpson, who was prone to theft, drug use and running away from home.

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