Pizza-making robots have hot pie at door in 4 mins…

A pizzeria is using super-speedy robots to make fresh pizzas - and for Mountain View residents it could mean dinner is at their door just four minutes after being ordered.

California's Zume pizza has pioneered a robot-assisted technique for making the perfect pizza base in just nine seconds.

The 'Doughbot' is designed to replace the person who spins dough which shaves off 36 seconds of the pizza-making process. 

The company says they can deliver 372 pizzas every hour.

'We use predictive technology to make really high-fidelity bets on what pizzas people are going to order', CEO and co-founder Julia Collins told The Verge.

'Early in the morning we produce a daily inventory of pizzas. We predict the total volume of pizzas and the types of pizzas that we need to satisfy that day's demand.'

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