Ramadan Is Over. Result: 174 Jihad Attacks in Just 30 Days

TheReligionOfPeace.com has documented and counted Islamic jihad attacks ever since September 11, 2001, when devout Muslims flew two full passenger airliners into the World Trade Centers twin towers in New York and another passenger jet into the Pentagon, killing 2,977 innocent people. Some 44 of that number perished when United Airlines Flight 93 hit the ground in Pennsylvania after heroic passengers valiantly sought to reclaim control of the plane from its terrorist Islamic hijackers.

Since that fateful day, Muslims who scrupulously follow the Quran have committed 31,084 deadly jihad attacks (and counting), while killing innumerable other people for not following prophet Muhammads strict Sharia laws. That equals an average of 5 deadly jihad attacks each day.

The hard-working man behind TheReligionOfPeace website, Glen Roberts, also counts the number of attacks and people killed during each Ramadan. In 2016, 238 attacks were carried out in the name of Allah, with a total of 1,850 killed.

By 2017, only 174 jihad attacks were executed, with a total of 1,595 killed in the name of Islam. A quick review of these numbers shows that, while fewer attacks happened last year, the number of fatalities per event rose from 7.8 (in 2016) to 9.2 (in 2017) an almost 20% increase. Just as telling is how, at his site, Roberts notes that there wasnt a single attack (that we could find) in the name of another religion during the holy month.

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