Group of Women From Across America to Lobby Congress on Gun Rights #2A

Fifty women from across the United States will gather in Washington, D.C., next month to lobby Congress in favor of gun rights.

The DC Project, a pro-gun nonpartisan initiative, will bring together women from each of the 50 states during the week of June 12 in an effort to advocatepro-gun policies. "The Second Amendment is part of the United States Constitution and does not belong to one party," Dianna Muller, founder of the project, said in a statement. "Female gun owners are diverse, and have individualized stories and accounts of why this Amendment is so important to them. These stories need to be shared as they are representative of many within legislators constituencies."

Over the course of the week, the women will meet with members of Congress and their staff in order to share their unique perspective on guns and gun rights. The group says its goal is to "encourage female shooters to meet with legislators in order to give politicians a direct connection to the fastest growing demographic of gun owners." The initiative comes as women are becoming a larger portion of the gun-owning publicthe latest estimates saying there are 5.4 million female target shootersand the gun industry as well as gun rights groups beginning to focus on their impact.

The initiative also comes as national gun legislation awaits further action. Silencer reform, which has been introduced to both houses, has not seen movement since being assigned to committees in both chambers at the beginning of the year. National concealed carry reciprocity is in the exact same situation.

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