Gun-Controlled Chicago: At Least 53 Shot, 4 Killed over Holiday Weekend

Forty-nine people were shot and wounded and six were killed during Memorial Day Weekend violence in gun-controlled Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the violence brought the number of homicides to 242 for January 1 through May 30, 2017.

An example of the violence that marked Memorial Weekend was witnessed on Monday night. Three men werestanding in the street at 69th and Harvard when approached by another man who opened fire. One of the men was killedshot in the headand the other two are in stable condition.

There were no arrests in the shooting.

This kind of violence has flared up throughout 2017 (just as it did in 2016). For example, on March 30, 2017, two brothers were shot dead in front of their mother. The brothers, ages 19 and 20, went to the restaurant where their mother worked to say hello and were shot and killed as she looked at them through the window. Moreover, Breitbart News reported that 29 people in Chicago were shot in less than 18 hours on April 15, 2017.

On April 24, 2017, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) suggested the violence in gun-controlled Chicago proves the need for more gun control. He specifically pushed for more regulations on Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders.

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