CNNs Hosts CAIR to Blame Trump for Anti-Muslim Violence in Oregon

On Saturday's New Day on CNN, after reporting on the murders of two men in Portland who defended two women from being verbally harassed with anti-Muslim rantings, Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic Relations was given an unchallenged forum to blame President Donald Trump for the violence. 

No room was made for any conservative voices who might have pointed out that anti-Muslim bigotry is inspired primarily by extremists like ISIS and al-Qaeda who have committed terrorism and claimed to do so in the name of Islam.

As Hooper was interviewed by phone at 8:46 a.m. ET, co-host Christi Paul began by asking for his reaction, and he immediately went to indicting President Trump. Hooper:

I think this is just representative of unfortunately of the overall rise in bigotry in our nation within the last months and the year particularly during the presidential campaign. And since the election in November, we've seen minorities increasingly targeted with violence and hate speech. American Muslims have been targeted.

Hooper complained vaguely about President Trump's appointments as he continued:

Mosques have been targeted, but also African-Americans, Hispanics, refugees, immigrants. There's an overall rise in bigotry, unfortunately provoked to a large degree by President Trump's rhetoric, his appointments, his policy proposals. These things have led to an atmosphere in our society in which it seems to be acceptable to target minorities.

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