Bill Nye The Communist China One Child Policy Eugenics Guy

Bill Nye The Science Guy is back at it again with his new and controversial Netflix show entitled Bill Nye Saves The World. Rather than a cringeworthy rap song about gender fluidity from actress Rachel Bloom, Nye himself floated the idea of eugenics. He did not come out and directly use the word eugenics or birth control but during a conversation about carbon emission from humans, he asked whether or not there should be some type of penalties for people in the first-world who have a lot of children. His rationale for the question was that first-world countries have a much larger footprint than third world countries in Africa.

He floated this idea as if it were something new and groundbreaking but obviously, its not. Restrictions on child birth are happening right now in China. Although restrictions have loosened in recent years, the one child policy still exists in large parts of China. The policy is as it sounds - each family is allowed to have one child in the areas where the policy is in place. The result of this is a lot of only-children struggling to make ends meet and take care of aging parents. A more tragic result is the female babies who are aborted and/or outright murdered after birth because male babies are more preferable if the family is only allowed to have one child.

Restrictions on child birth from a governmental level are dangerous to say the least. Not only do they have a highly detrimental impact on society they are also simply inhumane in general. Why would the government be involved with the amount of children another human is allowed to have? Just to reduce carbon emission? Its understood that Bill Nye wants to Save The World but at what cost does he want to do it? What good does it make to have less carbon emission without human beings to benefit from it?

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