Whistleblower: Phoenix VA Retaliated Against Me For Speaking Out

A new whistleblower from the Phoenix VA Medical Center says nothing has changed at the troubled hospital and his career is threatened for speaking out.

On October 4, 2016, the Veteran Administration Office of Inspector General (VAOIG) released its latest report on misconduct at the Phoenix VA Medical Center; this report found that the hospital kept open nearly 38,000 specialty appointment consultations and up to 215 more veterans may have died as a result.

That report was based on information provided by Kuauhtemoc Rodriguez, known as K-Rod to friends and colleagues.

Now, Rodriguez tells The Daily Caller that the hospital is retaliating by convening an administrative investigative board (AIB), a bureaucratic process which could lead to his dismissal.

The previous director Deborah Amdur tried to remove me with false complaints lodged by the same people who refiled their complaints under the new Director Rima Ann Nelson, Rodriquez said. All these employees were recruited to file false allegations of hostile work environment. This is a direct assault on me two times, why? Because these complainants have actually violated my rights by slandering me.

As The Daily Caller noted in September 2016, the new Phoenix VA Medical Director, Rima Nelson, has a long history of overseeing VA hospitals with scandals.

Initially, the Phoenix VA Medical Center seemed to confirm Rodriguez was being targeted, Paul Coupaud, public affairs officer for the Phoenix VA, gave TheDC this statement: The leadership of the Phoenix VA Health Care System respects the role and purpose of whistleblowers and values the information they provide in regard to identifying opportunities for improvement within our organization, Coupaud said. That said, any government employee can be investigated for wrong doing. As a matter of policy, the VA does not discuss private employee issues or investigative actions.

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