UN Resolution Condemns Israel, Glosses Over Palestinian Terrorism

A United Nations Security Council resolution passed Friday readily condemns Israel for its settlement building policies, but almost completely ignores Palestinian terrorism.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 condemns Israel, which it refers to as the occupying power, for its settlement policies in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Palestinian terrorism is never directly condemned, instead the resolution condemns all acts of violence against civilians. Much of the resolution focuses on Israels transgressions, while the Palestinian authority is only offered a reminder of its obligation to quell internal terrorism. The Palestinian Authority and Palestinian terrorist organizations are never once directly condemned, much less reprimanded.

The resolution begins by first reaffirming Israel of its obligations as an occupying power under the Geneva Conventions. It follows by condemning Israels policies altering the composition of the West Bank, including settlement expansion and destruction of Palestinian homes.

The resolution never directly accuses the Palestinians of engaging in terrorism, instead it condemns all acts of violence against civilians, including acts of terror, as well as acts of provocation, incitement and destruction.

Despite the vague condemnation and multiple references to Israels transgressions, Secretary of State John Kerry argued the resolution was fair in a speech Wednesday. He explained the Obama administration told the Security Council members prior to the vote that the U.S. would block the resolution using its veto power unless it was balanced and fair.

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