Not The Onion: MSNBC Brings on Jonathan Gruber in Attempt to Fact-Check Trump on Jobs, ObamaCare

Heres a story that you cant make up, folks. In an attempt to fact-check President-elect Donald Trump on his claim of Sprint bringing jobs back to the United States, Wednesdays The Last Word turned to none other than ObamaCare architect and deception artist Jonathan Gruber for two segments to inform MSNBC viewers where Trump went wrong and struggled with facts. 

Grubers two segments on MSNBC featured a healthy dosage of irony as fellow guest and former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean bemoaned the idea of the federal government running deficits and implored Democrats to be the party of fiscal responsibility under Trump.

Granted, Trump appeared to have been overstating the impact he had on Sprint bringing jobs back to the U.S. as a result of his deal-making. However, MSNBC should perhaps look elsewhere if it wants to find a neutral arbiter instead of the man the media tried desperately to ignore when it came to his role in creating the lie that is ObamaCare.

When host Lawrence ODonnell first turned to Gruber on Sprint with some news headlines about Trumps declaration, he whined that Trump was employing politics by the headline.

Gruber obviously agreed, ruling that the U.S. economy, in a typical month, both creates and destroys hundreds of thousands of jobs and this is this kind of argument is exactly the argument by anecdote that Trump has mastered, and that the press has bought into.

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