Mediaite Catches CNN Falsely Claiming Trump Told Audience to Vote Multiple Times [UPDATED]

Update, 11:25 a.m. Eastern: Upon reviewing CNNs on-air coverage of Trumps Colorado rally at the center of these false claims, the network actually aired live the entirety of Trumps comments on Sunday about voting in the Centennial State. 

Somehow, the CNN Politics team still published the butchered and erroneous Trump quote. Ive provided video below of Trumps full comments that CNNs reporters didnt appear initially interested in following. The headline has also been changed to include the acknowledgement that this blog has been updated. 

On Sunday night, Justin Baragona at Mediaite caught CNN red-handed nine days before the election in the highly unprofessional act of fabricating claims that Donald Trump told a Colorado rally that they should vote repeatedly on Election Day. 

With time ticking away and the original story retweeted from @CNNPolitics over 900 times, Mediaite successfully shamed them into only a measly correction and deleting the original tweet with the false headline over two hours later.

Baragona explained that CNN originally told readers on its website that Trump had been encourag[ing] voting more than once if necessary and a further illustration of him not letting up on his claims that the election could be rigged against him.

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