Reporter takes easy (and biased) route on inaccurate Inslee donor story

Its easy for people to make lists. And the internet loves lists.

Unfortunately, when journalists do it and call it analysis the public is cheated.

Such is the case of extreme laziness and misinformation from the Puget Sound Business Journal (PSBJ) and reporter Ashley Stewart, who in a piece today claims to have analyzed data from the states Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) to determine the top donors to Governor Jay Inslees re-election campaign.

A casual reader of the piece which was also being read on news radio this morning like it was real journalism would think that Inslee is a business-friendly candidate based on the PSBJs faulty analysis, and the highlighting of at least 40 prominent business leaders who have given Inslee campaign cash. And the reporter couldnt even get her facts right, suggesting that the business leaders were among the 330 people who gave the states $2,000 maximum individual contribution to Inslees campaign.

But hey, who can blame the reporter, since she put together a nice internet slide show with 43 graphics to show how much analysis she did!

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