WikiLeaked: Podestas Friend Admits Close Work With Super-PAC Could Be Illegal

Newly-leaked emails from John Podestas hacked account shows him making a flippant response to worries about a Super-PAC illegally coordinating with Hillary Clintons presidential campaign.

The emails, released by the online hacktivist group Wikileaks,show a brief exchange between Podesta, Clintons campaign chairman, and Center for American Progress president Neera Tanden. Tanden is a friend and frequent confidant of Clinton. In the exchange, Tanden forwards Podesta a Washington Post article aboutCorrect the Record (CTR), a liberal Super-PAC created by David Brock.

CTR, the article said, planned to coordinate with the Clinton campaign to an unprecedented degree. It is illegal for Super-PACs to collude with campaigns, but Brock believed he could skirt this rule by focusing CTRs efforts online, relying on a Federal Elections Commission ruling that posts made online for free do not count as campaign expenditures.

Tanden apparently thought this approach was worrisome. (RELATED: Is Correct The Record Suppressing Wikileaks Emails?)

Im not their biggest fan, she said. But this does seem shady.

Podesta only provided a short, flippant response to Tandens concerns.

Brock $ machine! he said.

Brocks ability as a cash machine provided limited comfort to Tanden, who bluntly said CTR could be breaking the law.

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