Are Conservatives On YouTube Being Targeted For Removal? Yes, But Theres More. (video)

Newly hired YouTube moderators have reportedly deleted videos from conservative channels across the platform, which the Google subsidiary is describing as mistaken removals.?

Bloomberg reports that YouTube?s newly hired moderators, who were brought on at the company in an attempt to crack down on fake news, misleading videos and extreme content on the platform, have been accidentally removing content published by right-wing channels on YouTube.

Google said in December that they would be assigning more than 10,000 new employees to moderate content on YouTube following multiple issues with extremist content on the platform and advertisers becoming increasingly upset about their products appearing alongside certain content.

Following the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, the YouTube moderators deleted a number of videos from conservative, pro-gun channels. One channel in particular, Military Arms Channel, has received multiple warnings and strikes on their videos, resulting in the account owner temporarily taking down their channel in order to avoid further penalties from YouTube. Military Arms Channel boasts 700,000 subscribers and over a 100 million monthly views.

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