6 Tricks to Speed Up Keto Adaptation (video)

Dr. Berg talks about 6 tricks to speed up keto adaptation. There's a transition period called keto-adaptation whereby the new cellular machinery is being built.

1. You need to always to keto with intermittent fasting because they both compliment each other and one without the other prolongs the transition phase - due to higher insulin.

2. Apple cider vinegar, with lemon in water will help lower insulin spikes.

3. Electrolytes and nutritional yeast also helps insulin resistance.

4. If you have extreme hunger pains, this can spike stress and the adrenals and release sugar to handle the the low blood sugar - so snack on a little fat, not protein - avocado or pecans will help to get you through this. Fat is the food that triggers insulin the least.

5. Adding more fat meal will help you go longer

6. Adding more green vegetables spike potassium and lower insulin resistance.

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