Is Kale a Poison to Your Thyroid or an Anti-Poison (video)

Dr. Berg talks about the effects of kale on the body. There is rumors going around that kale can act to deplete your iodine worsening a condition called hypothyroidism. Kale and other cruciferous vegetables contain all sorts of phytonutrients, one category being glucosinolates (over 125 different kinds. These convert to isothiocyanates, which then convert to sulphoraphan and indol-3 carbonate. If a person is already deficient in iodine and hypothyroid, there is a chance consuming kale can worsen this condition, however, there is no peer-review studies that prove this. The animal study using pigs does show some lessening of thyroid function in high and concentrated amounts. If we convert this over to human amounts, you would have to consume 17 pounds per day if you weighed 154 pounds, so it is very unlikely that cruciferous will be a problem.

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