Dana Loesch: FL Sheriff Israel Went After 5M Law Abiding, Innocent Americans

National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch criticized the Broward County, Fla. sheriff for trying to place blame for the recent school shooting on her organization.

Loesch agreed with Tucker Carlson that Sheriff Scott Israel is a "blowhard" who is trying to shift blame to other people than himself.

She recalled that, prior to a televised town hall with Israel after the shooting, the Democrat was allowed to "go out and give a rally style speech" to the audience.

Loesch said Israel bashed the NRA and its "5 million law-abiding innocent American" members.

She said that tipsters, including the suspect's own family, were warning Israel's office and other law enforcement about him.

"Family members weren't calling the NRA," she said.

"This guy's not a congressman from Camden," Carlson said. "He's a law enforcement official."

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