The View Goes Off The Rails While Debating Concealed Carry: Everybody Just Take a Breath!

The View got incredibly contentious on Thursday morning discussing concealed carry for teachers and more security in schools.

In particular, Meghan McCain, the only member of the cast who was really prioritizing higher school security above better gun control, said that she didn't mind having armed teachers in schools.

At the beginning of the conversation, Joy Behar said: I was a teacher. Believe me, you don't want me to hold a gun."

?President Trump is talking about people with military experience who are comfortable," McCain said.

Confusion ensued as the entire panel jockeyed for the floor.

?Do you really think that's practical? Do you know how many schools there are in this country?? Behar asked.

?I think schools need to be guarded much more than they are now," McCain said, over chatter from the others.

?Can we talk about statistics? Can we talk about facts? Because I think facts matter," Sunny Hostin said by way of response.

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