Study Says Trump Supporters / Conservatives Dont Like Stinky Feet Or Smelly Armpits (REACTION) (video)

Stockholm University of Sweden released a study conducted over a few years that made a stunning conclusion - certain people don?t like unpleasant human body odor. More specifically, the study noted that Trump supporters and/or conservatives especially do not like stinky body smells. They linked it to xenophobia without saying those exact words.

Phrases like linked to fear in the brain? and more likely to be against immigrants and gays were used. Something as silly and as clearly non-partisan as human body odor and overall lack of hygeneity has been weaponized to be used against conservatives who are against people urinating and defecating on the ground.

Which, of course, is of no surprise from the top brass in a country like Sweden, who unfortunately has opened up her doors to the third world and is experiencing issues like none before. Some of the main issues they face are wait for it? a lack of proper hygiene and body maintenance from third-word so-called migrants.?

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