Schiff Memo violated long standing principles in the intelligence and law enforcement community, says FBI and Deputy FBI Director.

With accusations and rumors swirling that the secondary Schiff Memo? sent to the President's desk was riddled with National Security and Law Enforcement concerns, a recent letter sent to Donald F. McGahn II (Counsel to the President,) seems to back up that claim.

The letter, which has for the most part gone widely unreported dated February 9th, 2018 signed by both Christopher Wray (FBI Director) and Rod Rosenstein (Deputy Attorney General) clearly states that its contents pose significant National Security Concern if released as written.

In addition, the letter goes on to cite significant law enforcement concerns.

One can only speculate as to the reasoning behind Schiff's development, writing and request to release the memo with such National Security and Law Enforcement concerns, but many have taken to social media to voice their opinion.

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