North Korean Defector Slams Dictators Sister: South Korean People Hate Kim Yo Jong And Her Visit

The inspirational North Korean defector who fled the brutal regime on crutches has a message for the world: South Korean people hate Kim Yo Jong and her visit.?

Jong, the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, received fawning coverage at the Olympics from media outlets who glossed over the Kim regime?s terrorism of its own people. Media outlets favorably compared Jong to Ivanka Trump and declared Jong?s charm offensive? a smashing success.

But Ji Seong Ho knows better.

"Yo Jong?s grandfather, Kim Il Sung, is a war criminal, and her father, Kim Jong Il, killed three million people by starvation. Kim Jong Un is responsible for human rights violations and assassination of his own half-brother,? Seong Ho told The Daily Caller exclusively.

"The Kim family is taking hostage of the North Korean people and threatening the world with its nuclear weapons. Therefore, South Korean people hate Kim Yo Jong and her visit,? he said.

"I personally think she should be mindful of her place, stop looking down on other people arrogantly and feel guilty.?

Seong Ho, who now lives in South Korea helping other defectors, was the star of President Trump?s first State of the Union last month. The president honored Seong Ho for trekking across North Korea on crutches in a daring escape to freedom.

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