Judge Pirro: Were on the Brink of Indictments Over FBIs Misconduct

Judge Jeanine Pirro said she believes "indictments" will start coming down over the misconduct by the FBI, calling for an "active criminal investigation" of former FBI Director James Comey.

"We're on the brink of indictments coming down," she said on "Hannity," calling out FBI "lovebirds" Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, along with Bruce Ohr, Andrew McCabe and Bill Priestap.

"Comey needs to be the target of an active criminal investigation, I've said that a million times," she added.

The host of "Justice With Judge Jeanine" said the public is beginning to put the "pieces of the puzzle" together when it comes to misconduct within the FBI and Justice Department toward President Trump and his team.

"President Obama lied to us when he said 'I'm not involved in anything'" relating to an investigation," she said.

She said that the storyline surrounding the unverified Trump-Russia dossier, the series of Congressional memos and texts between two "FBI lovebirds" reads like a "Hollywood" screenplay.

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