The Core Real Facts Behind This Fbi Scandal… (summary of 9 points)

Regardless of one's politics or whether one likes or loathes Trump, this FBI scandal is a serious story, and yet most of the mainstream press dislikes Trump so much, they want to spin it and distort it. Or NON-report it or UNDER-report it, just make it seem like a non-story. But its not a they-said versus they-said thing at all. And the DEMS are doing their constituents and the nation a disservice by trying to frame it as as that.

The Fusion/GPS "dossier" is bull. Absolute BS. A mulligan stew of unverified hearsay and lies. Cooked up to please the dirty tricks operatives in the DNC & Clinton Camp (who paid for it). To use that for a FISA application was nothing short of insane. Truly as serious or worse than Watergate.

The facts of the story and the timeline are this...

1) Hillary's email scandal breaks.

2) She was guilty as charged.

3) She was using the private server because she was selling favors. "Give the Clinton Foundation 10 million bucks and State Department will approve thus and such request."

4) Obama was indeed emailing with her on her non-authorized account so he was in some hot water for that fact, immediately.

5) Thus if Hillary were indicted, he would become embroiled in her scandal and papers and communications of his subpoenaed. Plus he would look bad because she was HIS... Sec-State.

6) Sarah Carter at AXIOS News says she has it on solid sources OBAMA not COMEY was the "decider" (in Spring 2016) that Hillary must be let off the hook, not indicted. Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, all fell in line with Obama's dictum.

7) It was also Prez OBAMA who ordered the spying on Trump Tower and Trump Team. VERY POSSIBLY this move was done for similar reasons to Nixon and Watergate. NIXON was concerned what the DEMS might have on him, and his dealings with Howard Hughes. OBAMA may have ordered the wiretapping LESS to get the scoop on GOP campaign strategy THAN TO check and see if Trump Team had any further info that could get HIM, Obama, and his legacy-- in hot water. People are tending to automatically assume that the spying on phone traffic from Trump Team & Tower was to steal campaign strategy info clandestinely, but it may INITIALLY or even primarily have been a defensive move, from Obama.

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