Israel To Deport 38,000 African Migrants With $3,500 Cash & Ticket To Uganda or Rwanda (REACTION) (video)

The Israeli government intends to tell tens of thousands of African migrants and refugees to leave the country or face arrest.

Thirty-eight thousand mainly Eritreans and Sudanese who entered Israel illegally will be given a plane ticket and $3,500 until the end of March to leave, AFP reported Wednesday.

After March, payments will decrease. People who still refuse to leave will be arrested from April, the BBC reported.

"Every country must maintain its borders, and protecting the borders from illegal infiltration is both a right and a basic duty of a sovereign state,? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday.

Rwanda and Uganda have agreed to accept those who cannot return to conflict-ridden or repressed areas in Sudan and Eritrea if they agree to the plan, according to activists.

Israel's treatment of African refugees has come under attack from local human rights groups, who say a country founded by Jewish refugees persecuted during World War II should be more understanding of the asylum seekers' plight.

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