New Hillary Emails Reveal Clintons Aide Told Her "All of Your Info is Saved on the Server"

The State Department quietly released more Hillary Clinton documents last week as everyone was waiting in anticipation for the FISA abuse memo to be released.

Hillary Clinton's emails were saved on her private home brewed server and she was fully aware of it according to new emails released.

A 2012 email exchange with Huma Abedin, Monica Hanley, Hillary Clinton and her aide Justin Cooper with the subject line "My berry died again tonight." reveals she was well aware all of her emails were saved on her private server.

"It comes back to life once I plug in the charger. Should I try a new battery or get a new one? And, have we figured out to save all my info?? Hillary Clinton asked her aides regarding her Blackberry device using her [email�protected] account.

Justin Cooper replied immediately to Hillary letting her know all of her information is on her server:

Monica has a new berry for you

We just have to swap them

All of your info is on the sever [server] which you can access on any web enabled The berries

have a capacity " which may be part of why yours isn't working

This is just more evidence that Hillary Clinton was well aware that important information was saved on her server. Hillary continues to claim she used a private server for convenience. She knew she had to hide her wheeling and dealing and pay-to-play from the IT team at the State Department which is why she used a private server.

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