Drunk Illegal Immigrant Charged With Felony After Killing Colts Player and Uber Driver On Road – YouTube (video)

The Department of Justice announced on Tuesday night that it filed felony immigration charges against the twice-deported criminal alien charged in the deaths of Indianapolis Colts Linebacker Edwin Jackson and his Uber driver, Jeffrey Monroe. The charge could land the illegal immigrant in federal prison for up to 20 years.

United States Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana Josh Minkler announced late Tuesday night that his office filed a criminal complaint against 37-year-old Manuel Orrego-Zavala for aggravated illegal re-entry of a previously deported felon, according to a statement provided by the Department of Justice to Breitbart Texas.

?The defendant in this case allegedly re-entered the country illegally for the second time before he put the public safety of Indianapolis at risk and took the lives of two innocent men early Sunday morning,? US Attorney Minkler said in the written statement. In April, Attorney General Sessions directed all federal prosecutor to prioritize charging aliens that illegally re-enter the country, especially if they are a risk to public safety or there is a criminal history present. Following the rule of law is the foundation of our American democracy, and my office is committed to fulfilling the Attorney General?s directive.?

In a copy of the criminal complaint (attached below), the DOJ states that Indiana State Police arrested Orrego-Zavala following a fatal vehicle crash in Interstate 70 near Indianapolis. The suspect fled the scene of the crash and police located him a short time later. He initially provided false information about his identity, claiming to be a Mexican national named Alex G. Cabrera.

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