Indonesia: Mosque cuts down pine trees because they resembled Christmas trees

Officials at a mosque have reportedly cut down 10 pine trees because they were said to resemble Christmas trees.

The religious temple where the firs were banished is in the Indonesian province of Aceh, where citizens are ruled by ultra-strict Islamic Sharia law.

Chairman of the Baitul Makmur Meulaboh Mosque named only as Anwar said as well as looking like a Christmas tree, the trees had become unkempt and obscured the view of the building from the road.

A spokesman for the West Aceh Regency Council slammed the decision, saying the reasons given made no sense?.

He told Cakradunia: In that case why don?t we hack down all the pine trees in West Aceh?

?How much has been budgeted all this time to maintain those trees only for them to be thrown away just like that??

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