Virginia: Man converts to Islam, plots jihad massacre, amasses child porn, seeks polygamous marriage

Federal agents who searched a Virginia man's electronic devices for ties to the Islamic State found child porn, according to court documents.

Sean Andrew Duncan, a 21-year-old Muslim convert, moved to Loudoun County from Pennsylvania earlier this year. Prosecutors say he had voiced support for the Islamic State and was researching how to plan and commit a terrorist attack. When FBI agents came to search his home in late December, Duncan fled and was charged with obstruction of justice.

A search warrant executed last week and filed in federal court in Virginia says that when agents seized Duncan's electronics, they found what appeared to be child pornography on one smartphone.

There were hundreds of sexually explicit images of pre-pubescent children, including infants, on the phone, according to an FBI agent's affidavit".

Duncan is married to Zakiya Sadeq, a 36-year-old doctor he met through religious circles. But he also courted an unnamed woman to be his second wife, according to court filings, and wanted to bring both women to Syria.

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