Indonesia: Christian whipped 36 times for selling alcohol and violating Sharia

A MAN was flogged in a brutal public punishment for selling alchohol [sic] in violation of Sharia law in Indonesia as he was whipped 36 times.

Jono Simbolon, an Indonesian Christian was sentenced to 36 lashes with a rattan stick.

The punishment was so brutal that a doctor checked his health after 10 stokes, before allowing the flogging to continue.

Simbolon was arrested in October, in the northern Indonesian province of Aceh, for selling alcohol, in violation of Islamic law. He is only the third non-Muslim to suffer a public whipping.

Despite being a part of the world?s most populous Muslim-majority country, Aceh is Indonesia?s only province that implements Islamic law.

Simbolon was one of 10 people, including eight men and two women, convicted after Friday prayers.

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