Dreamers arrested, charged with smuggling illegal immigrants

Border Patrol agents in San Diego arrested two illegal immigrant Dreamers? last week over their purported roles in separate smuggling operations, with one 22-year-old admitting to having been part of a number of such smuggling attempts.

The arrests are black eyes on the Obama-era DACA program, which is currently the subject of heated debate in Washington.

In one incident Thursday, agents had just arrested two illegal immigrants and then spotted two suspicious vehicles in the area. They followed on and eventually conducted a stop at a border checkpoint.

The 22-year-old driver admitted to being a scouter for a smuggling crew, and said he'd been informing the other car about Border Patrol operations in the area to help them with their smuggling. The man is currently under DACA protection, the government said.

Agents said they determined the man had been part of successful smuggling operations on multiple occasions."

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