New York City truck jihadi will admit to murdering eight people if hes spared death penalty

An Isis terrorist accused of killing eight people by deliberately driving a truck down a Manhattan bike path at Halloween will plead guilty to the crime if he is spared the death penalty.

Sayfullo Saipov?s lawyer David Patton made the announcement in court papers Wednesday, writing: In short, a decision by the government not to seek the death penalty would bring immediate closure to the case without the need for the public and victims to repeatedly relive the terrible events.?

Mr Patton and lawyers from Federal Defenders of New York added that if the government does seek death, they will need until September 2019 to prepare their defense.

Uzbekistan immigrant Saipov, who initially pleaded not guilty, is said to have had Isis propaganda on his cell phone.

And he is still likely to face the death penalty, with prosecutors saying they will not decide whether to push for it until his lawyers provide them with any mitigating circumstances?.

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