Schumer, The Hostage Taker

"(Schumer is) holding citizens hostage, in favor of non-citizens. Before this election, I never would?ve expected Democrats to be so open and brazen about their (lousy) plans, but here we are. Trump really does have a way of making his enemies tell the truth."

I saw this post on Reddit and it was the direct inspiration for this cartoon. Senator Chuck Schumer apparently favors illegal immigrants over our country. Of course, I used the capitol dome to represent the country while fully realizing that the government is NOT the country. However, shutting down the government due to illegal immigration may not be the complete story. I suspect the Democrats are also trying to deflect from the FISA abuse memo, which leads to ObamaGate, a sordid tale of corruption far worse and widespread than Watergate.

That corruption runs very deep. Top "officials? at the FBI and CIA have been politicized. As in bought out. They all expected Hillary to win.

Now, like Hillary, they're scrambling to put together a defense (Russia Russia Russia!) while destroying evidence of their criminality. It's disgusting.

Lock them up. Lock them all up!

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