Grant Stinchfield Gives ABCs Matthew Dowd With Real Facts (video)

ABC News? Matthew Dowd attempted to spread lies about the NRA and its members. Grant Stinchfield fought back with a clenched fist truth and told Dowd some real facts about the NRA.

?Fact: since its founding, the NRA continues to speak for gun owners, and for all Americans. Our unwavering defense of freedom cannot be questioned...we?ve defended and expanded our Second Amendment rights across the country.

Fact: Matthew Dowd is a well-known political opportunist, who switched parties. It is fact, he speaks only for himself.

Fact: Matthew Dowd found out he chose the wrong side in his political opportunism when he turned against Donald Trump and his supporters...He still cannot accept the fact we elected President Trump so he continues his baseless attacks on him and all of us who support him.

Fact: the 5 million members of the NRA are a major reason Donald Trump, who Matthew Dowd hates so much, was elected president. We are why Neil Gorsuch is now a Supreme Court Justice. That?s not fictional power, Matthew Dowd. It?s very real.

Fact: Matthew Dowd works for the fake news network ABC. They spend their days discussing conspiracies and spreading lies. But we here at NRATV do speak for the American people. We tell the truths ABC and the rest of the hate-Trump, anti-gun media never will.

We will continue to defend the truth and protect freedom, whenever an opportunist like Matthew Dowd spreads lies against us. Lies against the millions of Americans the NRA proudly stands with.?

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