Iran banning English in schools to stop cultural invasion

Islamic leaders in Iran have banned English teaching from the curriculum of all junior schools to insulate the country from what they see as the invasion of Western cultural ideas and principles.

?Teaching English in government and non-government primary schools in the official curriculum is against laws and regulations,? Mehdi Navid-Adham, head of the state-run high education council, announced on state television. The assumption is that in primary education the groundwork for the Iranian culture of the students is laid.?

The announcement comes as Iran?s Revolutionary Guard said the last of the anti-government protests that have roiled the country for the past week have finally been put down.?

Those riots have been variously attributed to a host of foreign factors, although Saudi Arabia and the U.S. have been pinpointed as the main architects of the unrest, as Breitbart Jerusalem reported.

The teaching of English usually starts in middle school in Iran, at the ages of 12 to 14, but some primary schools below that age also have English classes. Private language institutes are also popular with students after their school day, while children from privileged backgrounds attending non-government schools receive English tuition.

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