UKs Independent falsely accuses Trump of trying to limit free speech, ignores real Islamic attempts to limit it

The title of the Independent article is misleading. It states: Donald Trump suggests he wants US law to limit free speech in wake of publication of explosive new book.?

Unfortunately, far too many people read little more than headlines, so in this case, they are left with the impression that Trump due to being personally offended is now attempting to assail the fundamental democratic right to free speech, the cornerstone of democracy and a principle that is vitally important to his support base. In reality, Islamic supremacists and their far-left cronies, not Trump, have been the pros at trying to restrict the freedom of speech. Nice try, Independent.

Although the storm of controversy? and skirmishes over Wolff?s book Fire and Fury is not over, Trump?s reference to weak libel laws? is not an attack on free speech, and neither has he suggested that he wants a new US law to limit free speech.?

Strengthening libel laws potentially hits at the core of malicious defamatory libel, the kind that freedom fighters have routinely fallen victim to as their reputations became publicly sliced and diced due to overt fake news? and the troubling new acceptance of it without question. Now Trump?s enemies are using the release of Fire and Fury to make a case that his mental state? makes him unfit for office.

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