Singer Ginuwine Refuses To Kiss Trans Woman on LIVE TV, Gets Accused of Being Transphobic (REACTION) (video)

?Pony? singer Ginuwine refuses to kiss a transgender woman by the name of India Willoughby during a live taping of Celebrity Big Brother. The situation began with a discussion of whether or not men in the house would date a man who now identifies as a woman. Ginuwine said that he would not. India?s response is that it shouldn?t matter if a woman? was trans or not, that they are a woman at the end of the day. She then tried to kiss Ginuwine, and he rejected the advance. India says that proves her point? and some people on social media agreed.

Ginuwine is now being labeled online by many as a transphobic? person simply because of his personal preferences. Some have even said that rejecting a sexual advance by someone who is transgender is transphobic. Which is a ludicrous statement to make. The phrase my body, my choice? should apply regardless of the identity of the person or people involved with the situation. He should be able to choose to who he wants to kiss and does not want to kiss. As long as the other adult consents, then there should be no outside influence that matters. If a person is forced to kiss someone that they don't want to kiss, the reason for it is irrelevant. Forcing an unwanted intimate situation is called sexual harassment... at best.

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