Malkin to Hollywood & Liberals: Put Down the Oprah Bong and Stop Inhaling

After Oprah Winfrey's speech during the Golden Globes Sunday night, many have speculated that she could be a Democratic presidential candidate in 2020.

Michelle Malkin, however, is not joining in the effusive praise for Winfrey's speech or the iconic talk show host's prospects for a future in politics.

"I thought it was textbook partisan and ideological identity liberalism," Malkin said on "Hannity."

She said the speech was a preview of what a Winfrey presidency would be like, and it would be a return to identity politics and former President Obama's failed policies.

"Last night, all of Hollywood and Oprah were pretending as if the last eight years of the Obama administration didn't happen," Malkin said. "And that's to me what I think is most troubling, the unreality of people in the Hollywood bubble."

She said this is also a sign of desperation from Democrats, who have an uninspiring field of potential presidential candidates like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Maxine Waters.

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