Tomi Lahren: Wackadoodle Liberals Turn to New Conspiracy Theory After Russia Nothing Burger

There's been a lot of talk lately about President Trump's mental stability. Well, I have some Final Thoughts on that.

See, that's what the anti-Trump crowd on both sides of the political spectrum turn to when every other conspiracy theory and attempt to torpedo this presidency fails.

Robert Mueller's so-called independent? Russia investigation has proven nothing and is nothing but a sorry and expensive waste of resources designed to discredit a president that Beltway insiders and Hollywood liberals don't like. If anything, we're learning through other reporting that Hillary Clinton was cozier with the Russians than the president.

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But otherwise Trump-Russia is a nothing burger, so lefties and mainstream media hacks have to move on to this new means of sabotage: Declaring the president mentally unfit for office.

Excuse me, the fact you don't like him or didn?t vote for him doesn?t make him mentally unfit. He's mean," or I don't like his Twitter feed? aren't grounds for impeachment, sorry.

So here's my question. Why are some of you trying so hard to get rid of a president that's winning for the American people? Why?

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